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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Electric drum sets

Electric drum sets

Although I am a big fan of acoustic drum sets I also came to realize the benefits of electric drum sets so I thought I would list my top 5 electric drum sets:  

Roland TD3SW V Compact Electric Drum Set 
The TD3SW is the upgrade to the current TD3SV, and features Roland’s new PDX8 snare mesh V-pad and CY5 hi-hat cymbal pad. The most affordable kit in the V-Drums family now performs even more like its bigger V-Drums brothers.  

Roland TD9SX V Tour Electric Drum Set 
With a new advanced sound engine at its core, the mid-range V-Drums family has new bragging rights. The new TD-9 sound module is loaded with fresh sounds, and offers a deeper level of expression. Together with Roland’s most advanced triggering technology, this kit is destined to become a big hit with drummers worldwide. 

Alesis DM5KIT Electric Drum Set  
hipped with an included kick pedal, support stand, and interconnect cables, the DM5 Electronic Drum Set provides expressive feel and a rich collection of world-class sounds - making the DM5 the ideal drum/percussion solution for players at every stage of their musical career. With a broad assortment of percussive timbres that range from sampled acoustic instruments through the most innovative electronic sounds, the DM5 sound module contains 540 percussion sounds and 21 pre-programmed drum/percussion sets. Recorded in true stereo at 48 kHz with ambient effects, the DM5 sound module provides a stunning assortment of instruments and percussive effects that will appeal to the most seasoned musicians—all in a single rackspace module. Featuring an ultra-fast trigger to MIDI conversion system with twelve trigger inputs and five programmable parameters for each trigger, the DM5 sound module’s feature set is comprehensive and provides drummers/percussionists with a wide range of control.  

Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Electric Drum Set  
The Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Electronic Drum Kit has an all-new set of voices that makes this the best sounding DTXPRESS kit yet. The Special version shares the same module as the Standard, but has a larger snare pad and more cymbals with our real hi hat pad. With the new learning tools in the module you have the ideal electronic drum kit for practice, teaching, or gigging around town.  

ION Audio iED01 5 Piece Electric Drum Set 
The Ion Audio iED01 Electronic Drum Set includes 233 natural drum sounds and 50 preset rhythm patterns, to be sure to keep things interesting. ION's exclusive Dynamic Articulation feature enables a drum sound to change its tonal content as it's played harder for truly realistic performances. The iED01 Electronic Drum Set features everything you need to start playing drums right out of the box. The kit includes headphone so you can practice privately or includes auxiliary output cables for when it's time to get loud.

Drum sets with cymbals

If you’re ready to get a bit more professional and you are looking for drum sets with cymbals here are a few models you’ll need to look into:
World Tour 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals
The World Tour 5 Piece Drum Set comes complete with everything the beginning drummer needs to start out the right way.
A 5 piece drum set that is perfect for the learning drummer. With 9-ply basswood shells, metal hoops and tuning lugs, this drum set includes many of the features of much more expensive drum sets. Heavy-duty double braced stands are included along with hi-hat cymbals, a crash ride cymbal, drum throne and a pair of drum sticks.

Rockwood 5-piece Drum Set with Cymbals
Perfect for the young rocker! Features wood shells, metal rims and tuning lugs just like the more expensive sets but at an affordable price. Includes all hardware, a crash-ride cymbal, hi-hat cymbals, and throne. This set even comes with a set of real Vic Firth drumsticks, a video on drum tuning and assembly, and a Getting Started video featuring top drum clinician, Johnny Rabb.

Ludwig 5-Piece Drum Set with Cymbals
When pots and pans just won't do anymore, Ludwig offers a complete 5-piece Junior sized drum set that won't break the bank. The Ludwig drum kit is designed to imitate all the features of the real deal, with cymbals, a throne, and hardware; you get it all.

A blazing fusion set ideal for beginners or intermediate players that includes all the necessary hardware. Versatile size configuration works well for styles from pop to jazz and metal. A roadworthy covered finish will keep this set looking cool for years to come. Cymbals not included.

Percussion Plus 5 Piece Drum Set
This Percussion Plus brand 5 piece Drum Set in sky blue is ideal for the beginning and intermediate musician! This ready-to-play set has the following features: high quality 9 ply cross-laminated wooden shells, 16" x 16" floor tom with 6 lugs per side, 16" x 22" bass drum with 8 lugs per side, 2 deep power toms (11" x 13" and 10" x 12") with 6 lugs per side, and a 5.5" x 14" wooden snare with 6 lugs. This Drum Set also features double braced hardware, including a snare stand, hi-hat stand, and cymbal stand with die-cast cymbal tilt. The cymbals included are a 14" hi-hat (1 pair) and a 16" crash/ride. This great set also includes a single-braced padded drum throne, one pair of drumsticks, drum key, and chain-drive bass drum pedal with felt beater. The drum spurs are telescopic, heavy duty, and fully adjustable. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Used drum sets for sale

Used drum sets for sale
If you are planing to buy a used drum set here is what I advice you to do:
1. Go to Amazon and Ebay and look at used drum sets and read the reviews for each and every model. Some of the reviews are not so genuine and belongs to people who have intrestes in selling this or another product but you should get the general feel.

2. Did you decide if you want electric or acoustic drum set? each one has its own advantages (like the real sound of acoustic drums or the ability to control the sound volume with electric drums) and disadvantages (like the hard time creating a good voulme balance for electric drums or the price of acoustic drums)
After you decide which type of drums you plan to buy:
a. If we are talking used electric drums it can be a real risk since it could all be broken and you'll find out only when you'll get home and set it up.
b. When looking into acoustic drums make sure that all connections are in a good shape so you will be able to play with the angles and heights of the drums.

3. All in all its not so complicated to buy used drum sets but with todays prices I personally would always perfer buying a new drum set.
You can start lookin for used drum sets for sale on sites like Ebay and Amazon right now.

Drum set diagram

Drum set diagram

The drums
A - The Bass Drum
B -  The Snare Drum
F and G - 2 Tom-Tom drums
H - The Floor Tom drum

E - One Crash
L - Another crash for those who really want it
C - 2 Hi-Hat Cymbals

The infrastructure
M - The Snare Drum Stand
I - The Cymbal Stand 
D - The Foot Pedal for The Bass Drum
J -  The Hi Hat Stand
K - The Hi Hat Clutch
N - Mount for the tom-toms so they can sit on the Bass Drum
O - Your seat, preferably not a cahir so you wont be limited.
H - Legs for the Floor Tom if you prefer not to mount it on the bass drum as well.

Now you know how to set up your drums and whats left is only to know How To Play The Drums ;)

Cheap electronic drum sets

Cheap electronic drum sets

If you are looking for cheap electronic drum sets there are a few models you need to check:
The Singing Machine SMI-1458 Electronic Drum Set will cost you less than $400 but you dont have to buy a new system, you can easily search sites like Ebay or Amazon to find used ones that will cost even half the price.
The Simmons Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit which is a smaller set can cost up to $300 and the Simmons Electronic Hybrid Kit with or without a monitor that used to cost over a $1000 is selling for less than $400.

No matter what model you go for dont let the economic situation hold you back from doing what you love. There are great drummers that started from playing on teen canns so remember that everything is possible - just follow your dream and passion.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to Play Drums for Beginners?

How to Play Drums for Beginners? Playing drums seems like an exotic job for a lot of people, but they have to learn to play the drums properly, and it takes work. That's true for the professionals, those who drum just for fun, and those who are interested in learning to play drums. If you're one of the people who wants to learn how to play drums, you can learn to play drums fairly easily with a little bit of practice. The first thing that you have to learn to do is count. That sounds very easy, but if you can't count rhythmically you'll have a lot of trouble keeping a beat – which is what drummers do. Most drum beats are in 4/4 time, which means that there are four counts before the beat repeats again. Learning to play drums means learning to count this 4/4 time comfortably so that you don't have to think about it that much later on. The counting is followed with your dominant hand. The dominant hand hits the high hat on every count, the bass drum is on one, and the snare drum is on three. That's your basic drum beat, and it's not that difficult, once you get the hang of it. In short, if you're able to count to four you are able to play the drums. And imagine what great songs you’ll be able to play on your drums, you’ll know:
- How to play enter sandman on drums
- How to play iron man on drums
- How to play iron man on drums
- How to play down with the sickness on drums
And if you would really want to, you can also learn how to play bongo drums.

Learning to play drums means learning different types of drums is important, too, because there are many different ones, they make different sounds, and they are used during different times in music. The bass drum is the large one that sits on the floor of the drum kit or set. If you want to learn how to play drums, this is one that you have to get comfortable with. It is controlled with a foot pedal, and it has a very low pitch. Learning to play drums also requires knowledge of the snare drum. It's played with the non-dominant hand and makes a very crisp, click noise. Cymbals are part of a drummer's arsenal, too, and there are different types, big and small. There are four types that are most common, but others can be used as well. Most people hold their drum sticks in their fists with their thumbs pointing toward the end of the sticks when they are learning to play drums. Most professional drummers do this, as well. Some people hold them like a pen or pencil, though, and the choice is up to you. It's all part of what you're comfortable with when you learn to play the drums. You get to make some of the choices and some of them will be made for you through knowing what works. People who work in music stores can help to steer you into the right direction.